Sunday, July 10, 2011


So I’ve been back in Uganda for sometime now and it has been great so far to be home. It’s been the best time of the year for me so far. Being away from the supposed cluster-fuck that is Uganda can have a dull effect sometimes. I missed everything from the Boda-Bodas to the dust, from the yelling matatu conductors to the bad customer service. Yes, whenever I’m being welcomed into restaurants abroad by smiling waiters I recoil with the assumption that they are somehow trying to reach for my pockets, why the hell are they smiling? The mystery of the smiling waiter still has me perplexed because I’ve grown accustomed to floors being cleaned with customers still seated and eating, to receptionists who put their manicures before the person standing in the hallway…and I do not hate it surprisingly. I love Uganda…and that means a lot coming from me, remember, I’m the one who wants to cut all ties to this country and I will still try to eventually. This love hate relationship I have with this land is a result of the fact that I know I might never live life freely as a gay man in Uganda, and I don't see myself pretending to be married to a woman while secretly slutting around with equally discreet gay Ugandan men, no sir! But I still at the moment find myself wanting to be here more than ever. Uganda is special. I can get away with many things here. On top of that the people are warm and friendly, they are so happy with no reason…we are in the middle of our worst economic crisis and yet it’s hard to tell. Haha! And the Baganda (most of the men) are so hilariously arrogant. Then theres the night life, and the summer almost all year. Yes this is the only country in the world where you can have a head-on collision on a one way road, and where the police men become the traffic lights at certain times of the day, even when the lights still working, but it's wonderful, atleast for now. Life is so simple once again. Here’s to Uganda, the true land of the free (as long as you’re not openly gay).


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