Thursday, June 9, 2011


Its funny; this world of ours, funny how there are homophobic black people and racist gay people. Apparently the fact that one group of people can be denied equal rights does not stop said group from not only denying another group of people the same rights but also discriminating against them. It’s astounding how the black church, an institution that has been at the heart of black emancipation, refuses to unlock the oppressive closet for gays and lesbians. Black Christians, who have been despised and oppressed for much of their existence, should be wary of extending that oppression to lesbians and gays or anyone, for that matter. What’s even more astounding is the fact that there are many gay people that hate on other gay people.

The condition of the feminine gay man is one that I find particularly interesting. It annoys me when I come across gay people, online and in person who say that feminine gay guys give the gay community a bad name. Many people today regard feminine gay guys as latté drinking, hedonistic attention whores who steal each other’s boyfriends and throw themselves at any opportunity for sex. I for one know that this is true for some, if not many gay men, but again it doesn’t justify the generalization or hatred of them as a ‘sub-group’. The fact that there even are ‘sub-groups’ within the gay community has me off balance! I would somewhat understand if it was just straight people saying these things…straight men in particular; but gay men? ‘Straight acting gays’ as they like to call themselves. I really don’t like that phrase…so we’ll just stick with ‘masculine gay men.’ I for example find it hard to understand how someone, a whole gay someone would hate Chris Crocker, or people like him, or any person at all…I mean, sure he can be really annoying sometimes or all the time, you fill in the blank, but aren’t we all, don’t we all have our crazy?

I don’t have any extremely flamboyant gay friends, probably because I just haven’t gotten along or connected with the ones I’ve met or spoken to so far (probably because I’m afraid they’ll out-fab me), but that’s about it! But to call them an embarrassment to men, to ridicule them or join in in the making fun of them by your straight friends, that’s just cruel and stupid and it goes against the equality and respect for each other that gays are trying to reach. Some of these masculine gays even go as far as saying its all an act, really? is it?

At the end of the day we all need to consider that it could be men like this who put in much of the driving force behind the Gay Rights Movement anyway; their extremely opinionated minds and forceful personalities, the fact that they have something to say about everything and anything and just won’t shut the hell up; their extreme sense of confidence and unwavering sureness of self. Next time you see a Drag Queen you should even kiss her feet, because they played a huge part in the Stonewall Riots…or so I’m told.

In my opinion, of all gay people, feminine gay men have it harder, they are more prone to homophobia, to discrimination and judgment, they were labeled gay before they even knew what the word meant, then came ‘Fag’ when they figured it all out, and yet they continued to wave their Barbies around for Show ‘n Tell. This ability, this self-realized freedom to be yourself even when the overwhelming tide of public opinion rises against the very fabric of who you are, if it doesn’t spell courage, then I don’t know what does; and we need more of this in the world, fast!

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  1. Amen! I say that mostly because I'd rather not spoil a great post with further comment.