Friday, June 17, 2011


So the New York Times is running a series of articles about gay teens and their experiences with coming out or simply being gay today...(sorta like the I'm From Driftwood Project.) Accompanied with what I can call the most impressive Photo-Journalism I have seen in a while, it makes for very inspiring reading; their stories opening our eyes to what it means to be gay in both American society and other parts of the world. It is also a reminder that there is still a lot to be done until full acceptance is reached or is atleast apparent to all the human senses. Like Bayard Rustin once said…it is not our duty to change/control anyone but to control the extent to which they can publicly manifest anti-gay sentiment…kinda like how nobody today can go on air or the street and spew their racist nonsense. There’s no stopping until the Tony Perkins and Ssempas of the world are seen in the same light as this guy>>>
Remember when this was normal???


  1. Not sure if you know... But you have been featured on We found your blogs interesting and we quoted a few in our series on "Saving Uganda from Sin." You are featured in Part 6 -

  2. Wow, i had no idea...all i can say is I'm really flattered. Thank you.