Friday, February 4, 2011


A lot has happened in the last week. I have gained weight, grown facial hair and I have been hurled through the air and dropped into a totally different culture and economy. Yes I left for college, and I’ve been here for a few days. Its beautiful here; totally diverse place, so many people. The parties are to die for! Still I won’t say I don’t have problems adjusting, there’s the weather, new people, the lack of Boda Bodas to deal with. But hey, that’s college for you, starting over. Despite the minor setbacks, I’ve been having the time of my life…until the flu hit me yesterday; what a drag. And no, no special guys yet, but there’s plenty of eye candy, responsive eye candy for a change. For once in my life I feel like I could actually date someone and walk down the street with him hand in hand, the ocean roaring in support in the background. I just have to make that happen now.

I apologise for the sketchy post, I’m struggling with flu and headache…darn weather changes! I’m actually afraid that I might not write quality blogs anymore now that I’m gonna be busy with schedules and all, but I guess we’ll see where this college thing takes us.

College Kid.


  1. Have a wonderful time at College--Lord knows I did (but I went to school in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent many nights every week being yet another underage illegal/chicken in the bars--what fun it was) many wonderful men to remember (and I do). Un abrazo fuerte, disfrute/DISFRUTE!! Leonardo

  2. All the best with your studies

  3. Enjoy college! It was the best time of my life until now.

    Keep writing

  4. Glad you are having a good time. Make the most of it. Have a blast!!