Monday, January 3, 2011


I’m really inspired. Just returned from my hometown (I refuse to say village) and had lots of fun meeting relatives…saw the cutest kid in the whole world again; my little cousin Sam…last time I saw him he was the size of my blackberry. It’s nice to be back in the city.

Sitting here in my bedroom at 11:00pm, I’m reading about the recent victory of our gay activists against the rolling trash can. Another victory, another step, another smile.

I wonder what is on Giles’ mind that little…! I won’t even bother trying to find out, not worth stalking. But really, what is it that he thought would happen?  That Ugandans would read his “hang them” campaign and unite in a glorious rage against the homosexuals?…the homosexuals with their IPads in one hand and pink AK-47’s to destroy so called African values in the other. Hmm! Like Makerere campus girls say; I’ve haha’d!!! *Mbu Giles the man on a mission!

The unbeatable fact is step by step gay people in Africa and other parts of the world will be seen as equal human beings, and all that is good and truthful is on our side…nothing and no one can work against the tide of what is right and just for long, they all fall eventually. Ssempa is in mid-air right now. You don’t go spreading lies and hate and think you’ll be a happy human being. Sorry! The universe does not work that way! When will we learn that? What goes around people!

Can’t wait till the day we can finally come out and the only fear we have is being strangled by our fathers. Can’t wait.
GAY PRIDE PARADE KAMPALA…Hah! Hey, we can even have a gay pride anthem. Perhaps……Miss Keri’s new song?

Don’t hate us coz we’re beautiful!?!?


We can do better.


I’m gonna stop typing now.

*Mbu - A Ugandan figure of speech usually associated with sarcasm.


  1. The pink Kalashnikovs cracked me up. I'm a fan of your blog. My name's A. I actually just started a blog called

    Feel free to check it out.

  2. yep.... start the composing... the pride song....

    nothing from Keri, something, you know, kuchu!


  3. Haha, I'm on it!!!

    @anon:I'll be sure to stop by. Thanx :)

  4. maybe we should organize a continental Pride Parade rotating from country to country, city to city?

    amd was it Billy Idol who sang "African Queen" back in the 80's???

  5. Gay/bi hot teens! Leave me an 18 male at University

  6. Gay/bi hot teens! Leave me an 18 male at University