Friday, December 3, 2010


As gay people, many of us tend to think we are special or unique for the wrong reason. We tend to think we are unique because we are gay. Well sorry, you're not! Some of us even tend to play the victim all the time because of this...Truth is that our being gay is the most minute, most uninteresting aspect of who we are.

I am gay. But I can sing, I can draw, I can run. I can write an excellent speech, I can give an excellent speech. I can adjust well to different working environments. I am smart, creative and innovative. I’m a ray of sunshine, and this country needs me. A snob? I think not! I just don’t do modesty…when I truly am something I say it! I don’t beat around the bush waiting to be flattered. My gayness remains insignificant against all these awesome things that I am or that I can do. Who I sleep around with or who I want to do is like a grain of sand on Kampala Road.

Unfortunately in Uganda it is hard to see this. There are big repercussions for being gay here. It is better to be a murderer than to be gay in this sea of toxic homophobia, and this all creates an illusion that our being gay is very very important. Suddenly it starts to seem like our entire worlds revolve around our sexuality. I must admit I tend to think this sometimes; occasionally I even start to think my coming out should be some Grande mardi gras type event. It’s because some people take a peculiar interest in my sex life, which FYI is dull of recent.

We have people who make it their everyday mission to make our lives a living hell, and they do it with unimaginable zeal. Are they paid??? I just don’t understand how someone can wake up in the morning and think of another plot to make life for gay people in Kampala more difficult than it already is. Ever thought about how some Ugandan woke up and came up with the bizarre tale of how gays are recruiting school children in hundreds of thousands. Gosh! People really are out to make us look bad even when it means fabricating things that are clearly untrue in the mind of any sensible person. Have people no conscience?

The names of Martin Ssempa, Giles Muhame, David Bahati will forever be etched in the books of history, or Wikipedia at least, not for trying to protect Ugandan culture like their delusional minds are telling them, but for going against the tide of what is right and just for all human beings regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation…because like it or not, someday in this country, there will be a gay pride parade. Someday in this country tolerance and acceptance will be taught in the classroom and so will the names of these vile repulsive men be mentioned in a history class somewhere as people that tried to oppress another group of people simply for being who they are. Uganda will one day wake up and realize it has bigger problems than two men or two women being in love.

Still, regardless of the fact that Ssempa and every other Ugandan that is in that mindset believe our gayness is the most important thing in the country, we should not be sucked into that black hole; we should focus on those things that are unique to each of us as an individual, we need to focus on those things about us that can help this nation (If unlike me you give a damn about it).
We must focus on the things that can truly make us shine like the stars that we are, all the while waiting for the day that every other Ugandan can open their eyes as well and see what actually is important.


  1. Uh... beautifully said.

    You are serious that we are not fabulous...? I mean, that is so contrary to all the evidence on the ground...

    I am fabulous... I know. Ssempa. Bahati, M7... they all afirm. I am FABULOUS!

    And, let them choke on that!

  2. Haha.OMG! I 4got that little exception!
    Fabulous we definitely are!!!

  3. A black gay student (Brussels)December 6, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    Love your blog, dude. It reminds me Keep up the good work!!!

  4. I definitely like your spunk!

    It's really refreshing to read an intelligent discuss of a young man, who just happens to be gay.

    I have always maintained than Man is a function of a multitude of variables. My 'gayness' is just but one of these many variables. It baffles me though why people single out this one variable, extrapolate it and arrive at their bizarre conclusions.

    Africa needs its gay people - its creative and intelligent minds - to help solve its diverse problems.

    Yes, we are indeed fabulous people. Even 'straight' people secretly admire that 'thing' that makes us tick.

    I'll be visiting quite often. Keep it up!

    Gay Nigerian


  6. @anonymous gay nigerian: Y Thank you!

  7. We are tired of you and we shall fight to see your downfall and to see gays out of Uganda.Uganda is a Christian Nation,called by God and we can not allow such a horrible sin to go on in our Nation.God forbid,Give your lives to Jesus and you will be set free.The devil is deceiving you,being a gay is sinfull and will lead you to hell.

  8. Anon, If you're tired why do u come looking for yoself and avoid gay blogs.

  9. I totally get what you're saying. When everyone judges you on just one aspect of your personality, its hard not to view yourself that way too. Its the biggest reason i still havent come out, even in the fact that I'm bi, which i dont think people would know how to react to.
    But the thing is, is that I believe people focus on hurting others when they have no real redeeming qualities - rather than trying to improve themselves, they just bring everyone down to their level, and sadly it works all too often. Thats the thing about people who go out of their way to fuck up other people's days: they are, by definition, jerks (to put it mildly - i dont know if i can get away with swearing in here.)
    Anyway, love the blog and i think im gonna drop in again soon

  10. @anon, like you will not go to hell for judging?
    And since when was Uganda a Christian nation? FYI, religion is a choice. And BTW, I wish you could explain something to me; why don't you condemn your sisters and mother for wearing pants or doing all those things that that dear book of yours seems to uphold? Please get your head out of the gutter.
    As for the author of this blog, you are clearly a brilliant fellow. If only more educated Ugandans would think like you and learn to disengage from the head nodding mentality and ass kissing that we have been brought up in. Not everything that pastors (or whoever we have learnt to repect)say should be swallowed hook line and sinker. We need to learn to think and analyze things for ourselves.
    Lastly, I cannot agree more that we are awesomely amazing.
    Keep up the great work, my dear.
    Ugandan Lesbian (oh, and b4 anyone jumps to conclusions, I am only 20 and no, no one recruited me; I just happen to LOVE girls!)

  11. Lol! U had me at head nodding.
    Thanks for the back up!

  12. Now you are busy parading your ignorance. When the APA removed homosexuality from DSM III it was by vote not on the basis of scientific findings! It was a political decision. So you cannot present your sexual proclivities as a natural trait like skin colour; it is a mental disorder like it has always been. There is everything wrong with your head so-called Gay Teen!

  13. Anonymous, you better check your head first...whatever did gay pple do to you??? What i don't understand is people that just hate by impulse.
    You have so much hate you come looking for us just so you can post vile comments on our blogs...why are you here anyway?
    I don't care abt your little facts because still, the manner in which you present them is repulsive. All I know is that equal treatment of all human beings is the right thing to do, and whether that's voted on or not, whether its largely opposed, someone has to speak up for what is true and just. If you cannot get it in yo head that gay pple are born that way, atleast have the humanity to accept that everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
    Now disappear!

  14. You guys need God.You are lost people.God Made man for woman not man for man or woman for woman.Turn away from this evil selfish act and repent