Friday, December 10, 2010


Could this be the new face of evil?

So I’m sure that by now all of you have heard of how David Bahati made a fool of himself on the Rachel Maddow Show (love her) about a day ago. I’m always cringing when one of our politicians is being interviewed on international programs, so embarrassing. Have you heard how they answer the questions fired at them? I know. Thank God most of it is on radio shows. Bahati was the worst of them, and I think he’s sticking with that award for a long time, well of course unless they decide to interview Martin Eat Da Poo Poo Ssempa. He can find comfort in that.

Bahati’s interview really was a replica of what we see and hear from him and every other anti gay public figure in Uganda on everyday basis, except now it is out for all to see, on a wider stage…talk about washing our dirty laundry in public. Oh the horror! Bahati kept going round and round in circles when answering Rachel. Par exemple;

Rachel: What will happen to gay Ugandans if this is passed what do you expect gays to do? Will they flee or spend life in prison. If Homosexuality is punishable by life …what will happen to gays in Uganda will they flee or become straight – what do you expect to happen?
BaH8We don’t believe it’s a human right in Uganda. If we make it a crime, then anybody who will be engaged in this will face the rule of law and we will protect the children.
He is adhering to the time honored tactic of the 5 D's; Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge. He didn't answer a single question directly. Lies and obfuscation are the only refuge of the bigoted, as one of the commenters mentioned. And yeah, of course he played the recruitment card. When asked about evidence of recruitment, he said something bordering on ‘Oh yes I can tell you, it’s a fact, it’s a fact because it is happening and we know it is happening because it is a fact, it is not a myth. It is a fact that people who do not believe in homosexuality know.’ Oh how hilarious. I’m amused at how he says the “people who do not believe in homosexuality.” Believe??? Homosexuality is not something to be believed in, it is just a thing. It’s like saying I don’t believe in that escalator, while seating at Mokka Terrace in Nakumatt, or saying I don’t believe in weather…there’s nothing to believe or not to believe in, it’s there! Period!!! Bahati’s utterances are very typical of many Ugandans that choose to bury their heads in the political sands of self righteousness, people who ignore all reason and choose to remain blinded by the curse of bigotry.

I don’t really know where the idea of recruitment came from…oh wait, I do. Remember Anita Bryant and her pals? Well it seems that ideology has remained in the minds of the anti gay evangelicals that have followed…some of whom came to Uganda about two years ago to spread their hate. This recruitment thing seems to be something that’s just there to veil personal homophobia. Using children to justify your hatred towards a minority group has been a tactic bigots have used for years to justify their prejudices.

The more you think of the idea of recruitment the more ridiculous it gets. High schools here are structured in a way that outsiders cannot get in and the closest you can get to seeing the outside world is visitation/open day. I cannot even imagine someone getting into Namilyango College or SMACK and recruiting those burly figured boys, not even in my own High School that was not as strict on visitors. Or even the primary schools, regardless of whether they’re day or boarding. I have not heard any Ugandan parent come forward saying their six year old kid came home and told them of how a strange man came to class and told them it is okay for Jack to marry John…and you know how honest kids can be. In fact technically that is not recruitment at all, nonetheless, this still doesn't happen in Uganda. How is it even done? What do these recruiters look like? Do they have rainbow uniforms? Do they carry around notebooks to list down their new recruits? Or IPads, they are being sent 15 million dollars after all, that should come with a couple IPads right? How do I get one? I was really looking forward to understanding all this when Bahati promised to send proof of recruitment to Rachel Maddow’s inbox, proof that she said she would gladly air on her show and that she is still waiting on by the way. Any non biased, educated Ugandan with a brain can see that these allegations are flawed and fabricated. But then again the majority of us are biased, and many among us aren’t that well educated, even if they went through school. How else does one explain Bahati or Ssempa?

Mrs. Maddow (Can I call her that?) also mentioned how the American psychological association declared that homosexuality is inborn and condemns any forms of attempted reparative therapy. Bahati then went on to respond that we (Ugandans) have our own views of dealing with these things different from America. Now that was a laugh! We don’t even have an active psychological association, or one that I have heard of. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong. Suddenly I'm reminded of what I normally hear from anti gay Ugandans when they are told about international pressure to stop the bill; ‘they (International community) should not undermine Uganda’s supremacy.’ Bahati’s statement is a classic case of what I like to call East African ignor-arrogance! What exactly are our ways of dealing with things? Wake up and smell the bacon people! We’re in the third world. Rwanda also had its own views and look what happened…a nation’s history scarred so much you can actually still see the effects of it today. Why weren’t the FBI Officials who came in the aftermath of the bomb blasts told to go back, because we Ugandans have our own ways of dealing with things? Send back all the medicine that’s being shipped in! We Ugandans can use our herbs after all, even for cancer! So far all I can see that our way of doing things has brought us is more potholes,, corruption, increased HIV rates, collapsing buildings and Journalism Graduates that settle for pit latrine publishing. Most Ugandans will shun me for saying this and say I’m unpatriotic, but it is the hard truth that we need to face in order to move forward freely. China and Russia can afford to pretend they have their own way of doing things when they actually know every country needs the rest; Britain can, the Aussies can, but sorry, not Uganda.

In all this, Bahati came across as a pretty decent guy, a polite monster – that’s what they’re calling him. In spite his poor debating skills and irrelevance, he was kind, which is probably why Rachel just couldn’t give him the Cohen-style smack down he so truly deserved. I also realized how he bears a striking resemblance to Idi Amin Dada. Weird. And his almost red eyes, with their extremely different world view...combine these with his strong forceful accent and you can render me catatonic around him. 
Still a part of me thought this could be just a guy who due to his inevitable mindset has found himself on the wrong side of history. Perhaps that’s what Rachel saw too.


  1. Hi ¨GayUgandanTeen--so good to have found you and I´m immediately adding you to my sidebar and livefeed. I am Leonardo Ricardo and I´m a Anglican in Central America who is mad as Hell (and tired as Hell) of all the false witness directed against people like us--true, lots of lives EVERYWHERE against LGBTI people but Henry Orombi, James Nasba Buturo, Ssempa, BAHATE (love that) and a few other of your cowardly bigoted countrymen really take the prize for foaming at the mouth--it is them that ought be ¨intutionalized¨ for slander, fear/hate-mongering and outright crimes against humanity---meanwhile, we´ll all do our best to say no to the lies and deceit at Church and outside of Church.

    My best to you my friend,
    Leonardo Ricardo

  2. Hey Leo!!! Nice to meet you. Its so good knowing there are other people out there as tired as I kinda takes the load off my back.Thanks

  3. Thanks Gay Teen Uganda, I´ll be back when I learn how to spell better (can you believe the typos?)...anyway, I´m so glad you are sharing your thoughts--please be careful, it´s important that you are extremely careful, trust few...but you know all of that already so, I´ll be a good older brother (more like Grandaddy) and shut up! FELICIDADES--this blog is beautiful!

  4. Whoops, I forgot to ask your permission but I´ll just barge right ahead and cross post to you and introduce you to my followers--it´s great to have another voice on the ground in Uganda! Honesty beats the Hell out the nonsense that´s flowing out of the mouth of Bahate (who I oddly feel sorry for because I think he´s way out of line/over his head and thinks he´s being honorable--damn that guy is brainwashed).


  5. Yeah I hear ya on the Bahati thing...terribly deluded guy.
    Cross post, whatever that means, u have my permission.
    Abt being careful... Thanx for the advice.

    APRECIO :)

  6. You guys are loosers and you will not win this fight.God is on our side and the devil who is using you has never won.Its high time you surendered before its too late for you.

  7. "I now feel motivated enough to save the children of Uganda from "moronic" politicians. If I shoot them all, I guess I can always claim that it was for the children. I mean this is Uganda and we clearly all have a right to defend the children from whatever we find appropriate. For instance, if the children of Uganda watch this, they might learn this terrible art of answering questions. They might develop the habit of dodging questions and start answering the whole exam with one answer and no child in Uganda will ever pass their exams! And as a good citizen, I wouldn't want that happen."

  8. Hi Teen. Here in Australia when I heard Bahati talk of school recruiting, and when I heard the same idea from Rolling Stone, I just knew it wasnt true. But it makes me angry, because others will believe those words. How can people overseas help the truth to prevail? Would it be practical to advertise in Rolling Stone maybe?

  9. @craig: No it wouldn't be practical to advertise, that rug does not even have any adverts in it currently, which had pple posing the question..where does their money come from? Probable answer is it is from anti gay individuals/groups like ssempa or God knows who.

    To see how you can help, contact sexual minorities Uganda