Thursday, December 23, 2010


In Uganda we don’t have Broadway or Opera, so what do all the artsy Ugandans do, you ask? We go see the annual cantata at Watoto churchEvery year they put together this spectacular Christmas production which is shockingly free, and people, many who have not even seen the inside of a church the whole year, converge there and watch in awe and excitement. This year it was African themed and boy did they deliver. The show has been on all week at 6pm and 8pm and it stops tomorrow. And yes…I was there yesterday with my little entourage, each year they surprise me more. Beautiful lighting, magnificent voices, awesome choreography and good acting, it’s most definitely worth a watch. I know of people that go see it over and over, but that's just plain mad. See the opening act here.

Happy Holidays!


  1. That was sooo enjoyable--mil gracias and Merry Christmas to you and your ¨little entourage¨ from heaven!

    Leonardo Ricardo

  2. Yo welcome Leo, Merry Xmas to u too.