Sunday, December 19, 2010


                              This is a sad sad day, a sad day for bigots and homophobes, and that makes me smile. Woke up this morning to find the web abuzz with the repeal of DADT and I was happy. Guess John McCain can crawl back into whatever hole he came from.Can't that man shut up already! Even in the face of defeat he has to keep muttering inanities. Blubber, blubber blubber! Nothing worse than a loser that just won't keep quiet.

Despite the fact that repeal was pretty inevitable, the possibility was all so surreal to me before. But now it’s happened. As a gay Ugandan, year in, year out I see homophobia succeed here, but this is a win for the gay community all over the world, and I can’t help but celebrate. And yeah I am obsessed with gay rights in the US, I admit it; it’s my way to distract myself from the unfairness that’s going on here, but you have to agree with me that America sets the pace for the rest of the world when it comes to LGBT rights. Most people here don’t know that gay people have been serving freely in Australia and Canada, but everyone knows about America. If you can’t be happy for yourself, be happy for someone else. One day that will be us, or even better, we’ll just dive right in for full rights at once..……I wish.


  1. Join hands with us here in USA and celebrate with us ---for now.

    And may the day come soon when Uganda will catch up with the civilized world...

    It's nice to have your voice added. Welcome to the whole world!

  2. I love your enthusiasm--that´s what wins the day--enthusiasm, hope and keeping a keen on reality--afterall, we must stay spry to fight the good equality fight another day.

    I too often enjoy the successes of others from afar--it doesn´t always have to be just about me in a new world where there is all of US!