Thursday, November 25, 2010


You may have by now heard about Watoto Church’s apparent plans to help reform homosexual youth. If I were in the Western world I would be furious, because I know the dangers of reparative / conversion therapy all too well…but I’m in Uganda where the Ssempas of the world meet the Muhame’s. We’re in Uganda, home of bulls#*t rags that call themselves newspapers and post pictures of gay people calling for their hanging. We’re where gay people go to jail without trial or even face death because they’re different, so it may actually be a win situation for the Ugandan gay community. I know some of you might have lost me there, but well, let me explain. 

Watoto Church is the first mega Church in Uganda let alone group that has actually come out to say they want to help the ‘gays’. I know it’s not exactly help but isn’t it a step away from the way the churches have been demonizing gay people. I mean, seriously, this can’t be worse than the ‘no room for discussion/ interaction, arrest them!’ attitude most people here have towards homosexuals…so it may be a small step in the right direction to Ugandans realizing gay people do not choose to be gay. It even makes the reality of gay people really being there more ‘put out there.’ Imagine if instead of churches here preaching against gays and for the Kill The Gays Bill, they actually started trying to ‘help’ the gays change…I know it's dangerous psychologically for the person they're trying to 'change', but I suppose we should roll with the lesser of the two evils. A parent somewhere is going to find out their kid is gay, they're going to take him to be reformed...he will seem reformed for a while but later they will find him out and realize he never really changed, and voila! we have a realization that people are born gay; well, in most cases, some parents will resort to throwing the poor kid out. Anything that will contribute to the shift in the homophobic mindset that is dominant here, I’ll tolerate, not that I’m going to sign up to be ‘repaired’ or anything…I’d just rather I be looked at as someone who needs help when I actually don't, than a demon that should be destroyed...just saying.

There are a few quotes by the church I find rather amusing though; “...identifying, providing care for and reforming homosexual youth, helping them re-integrate into societyUhhh, okay…they want to identify us, and how do they plan on doing that??? Rounding up all the limp-wristed men in Kampala? They really had me at re-integrate! Ha-ha. I can assure you that the majority of LGBT youth have no problem with that…they have integrated themselves into society so much that there are probably a couple serving in your church, so much that many of them even talk ill of gay people, and by ill I mean vile and repulsive. They are at pulpits, they are in boardrooms, they are in hospitals, they are in your homes…why are they hiding, you ask; because none wants to be demonized and persecuted. If anyone should teach the art of blending in, it is gay people, we have mastered it. We exist. We are everywhere! Be terrified! ; )


  1. You are a big fat liar and you are not even a teen. You are just regurgitating homosexual propaganda and you do not know anything about the science you seek solace in... Wake up.

  2. Homosexual propaganda? Haha...where do you people get these ideas? LMAO!

  3. Im a Bi Ugandan teen, to be precise 18 and at the university.................... i love your blog but hope you're who you claim to be . I dont like associating with old gays.

  4. Hey! I'm an old gay! What's wrong with us? Seriously, it's good stuff. What's important is whether you are interested in what he has to say. He's making an intelligent argument, not chatting you up! And how do we know you are 18 and at the uni? Answer: we don't but it doesn't matter. :0)

  5. Go GayUg Teen. The world supports you. Don't worry about these deranged and totally sick evangelicals like Watoto Church. They only target African countries now because they are so disgraced in the Western World. Have a look at this list for hypocricy:

    The only people who need reforming are deluded evangelicals. Now we have evidence that they are prepared to kill gay people. They can't even follow their own commandments 'don't kill'. These people push their hatred and evil based on total ignorance. They are sick people who need help. You have truth and science on your side (as well as a long list of high profile people like the President of the United States). Keep writing, the world supports you.