Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I was walking down Bombo Rd when it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks….Kampala desperately needs more gays. Yeah it must be sad for some people to acknowledge this but it’s so true. As a nation we should start kissing some gay ass, seriously. The reality of the world today is that gay people are among the most intelligent, creative, innovative, witty people there are. On top of all that we’re just so goddamn fabulous! And what more, what more could Uganda possibly need to resurrect its tragic comedy, drab journalism, uninspiring architecture and criminal design scene. There, I said it, it’s out there… Sorry Sylvie-O!

I’m not saying there aren’t any straight people in the creative arts or science, there certainly are…plenty. What I’m saying is the best are always the gay ones, go figure, don’t make me start naming names. This is all probably because young gay people, direct their frustration due to the intolerance of society and homophobia in most communities around the world into things that distract them from this. They direct their frustration and energy into drama, art, science, music, writing, you name it, they bury themselves in it.  What we need to get rid of the mediocrity in our advertising, design, theatre, film and television, etc, is this kind of talent.

I’m not trying to soften anyone’s heart towards the gay community, God knows I am anything but an activist, just an annoying gay teenager that sees and thinks. I’m just saying it as it is and if you don’t like it, well, you can just suck my……….toe!

So you see, we need the gays to come out wherever they are and start to shine. It is very likely most are already shining, but in their closets. Most of all we need this country to make it possible, and that means getting rid of that ignorant bill, teaching tolerance and putting laws in place that protect them...Oh, and shutting up bigots like Ssempa. It may take time but it will happen.


  1. hey, who ever you are... this is disgusting to hear from a Ugandan... no, we don't need more gays in the pearl of Africa... all we need is prayer to straighten up skewed minds like yours. thank God for people like Pastor sempa. we'll help you dude, just admit you need help to overcome your mindset.
    im unapologetic about my statement!!

  2. I love you man... u r just too funny! Truth is there are enough gays in Uganda, they just need to realize how epic they are; to be gay, is to have superpowers!And agreed,they are the best at absolutely everything. I personally do not have a single gay friend that is a failure. But it is nowonder that they are beyond mediocracy,they have better intellectual things to do than go around proposing pointless and repugnant bills.