Thursday, November 18, 2010


My brothers come home this week... just when my life couldn’t get any easier! This means knocks on my door at 9 in the morning, having to look around for my cologne only to find it halfway and mostly having to delete my internet history every time. Sigh! On the brighter side, I've kinda missed them, plus it means I don’t have to do all the driving around. You know how when you get your license you’re so excited and jump right into every opportunity to get behind the wheel, oh how those days are so behind me; I’d give anything to not drive anymore in this danger zone of a town, it’s exhausting! I usually can literally feel the life being sucked out of me. But once in a while I get a good laugh in noticing a few foreign drivers on our roads, have you noticed them before? Looking all panicky like they’re in a freaking death trap; their faces flushed red and beads of sweat shooting out of their pores. Oh how hilarious!!! Who can blame them? Driving on these streets is a daily battle we’re used to. The ‘Boda Bodas’ think every route is for them; one ways, red lights, even the sidewalk! Then there are the Taxis (matatus) that are always trying to squeeze into any small gap available, spewing obscenities and leaving dust in their wake. Did I mention the potholes? Driving on these roads is about trial and error; or trial and terror is more like it. Good God have mercy on Kampala and all who inhabit it!

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