Thursday, November 4, 2010


The Interview.
Giles Muhame and his little elf Abenaitwe Cliff make quite an interesting study…well, along with a few other Ugandans; but Giles Muhame definitely takes the post of mayor of crazy town. I have never met anyone with a mind clouded by so much delusion in my entire life. It’s so bad that he actually refers to his little rug as “The Mighty Rolling Stone”, and I’ve had beyond my fair share of lol’s. They both seem so justified in their pit-latrine journalism its hilarious, the irony is delicious! The funniest yet is how he thinks he’s doing good…On the rug’s facebook page (which seems to have been taken down by facebook by the way), he posted: “The mighty rolling stone is making headlines around the world…”,or something of the like, and some other hogwash.  Its very mind boggling that he really can’t see that the reason its making headlines is not because of how ‘mighty’ but rather how asinine it is, like a foreign user had stated on the page.

Abenaitwe, who also works for the paper as you might have figured, has a similar mindset…on his facebook profile he constantly rants about gays in the country and how they should all go to a ‘special hell’, as if there are no more important journalistic topics in Uganda. Has this become his whole life? What happens when this anti-gay fire burns out, what then will become of the 'Mighty rolling rug'? In reading a couple of his recent posts it is clear that he feels very empowered, like he has finally found salvation, like this is his calling, ‘to name and shame’ the gays,lol!!! His and Giles' attitude seems to be that of a kid that shuts his ears and shouts ‘Lalalalalala’ when they are being told what they don’t want to hear…evidence of this can be seen when one of his friends comments on one of Giles' vile posts that he is targeting innocent people.(there are some sane Ugandans after all).
The one moment I thought I saw evil reincarnated was when I was watching Giles’ interview with David McKenzie, he said:
 "We thought by publishing the story, the police would capture them, prosecute them and hang   them!"
I looked into the eyes of the man who had just given voice to those words and sighed. Didn’t know what to feel at that moment, it was a mix of amusement and shock, I laughed for a moment, it was all so surreal before but I had finally realized that this guy really is demented, that there was no amount of rhetoric or education that could get him out of that brainwashed thinking. The interviewer was clearly taken aback, and throughout the interview his facial expression screams "Dude! What the hell is wrong with you?" I recently found out Giles did another interview and in it he said: wait for it…….. "We published the areas where they live so that counselors could find them and help them," I mean really? What counselor in Uganda does door to door service? What a lame cover up! What an a**!!!

I have on many occasions met plenty of Muhames and Abenaitwes, people who feel so justified in their thinking  just because, just because what? Its unnatural? Unnatural meaning you’ve never seen or heard anything like it? Well, news flash! the whites in America felt exactly that way towards the blacks a couple decades back, but we've moved on. And when we see new unfamiliar things or characters we don’t just lash out now do we? As human beings we try to learn and understand in order to determine whether or not it is a danger to us before we condemn. The medieval attitude of labeling whatever we don’t understand as danger should be long gone…we should be wiser after those lessons we learnt from the Genocide, The Holocaust, The Civil rights movement, Apartheid and yes, from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


  1. Dude, i dnt kno hu u r, bt ths pretty amazng,4 muviz ts the oscarz, 4 muzic ts the grammys, i dnt know wat it is 4 blogs bt i do know u wd, without a struggle, tek the award. Kip up the gud work mate. Its comfortng 2 know am nt alone

  2. your dirty works of promoting evil will be defeated with time. u will go to hell. africa supports Rolling Stone.

    Kevin Jones Arinda

  3. Uhh, thanx 4 yo opinion...i think.

  4. You are brave!!! Good luck!! These homophobs are the real evil, but we all togethe will won the war. Here in Europe is impressive how far is changing everything.
    From here, we support you GayUg!!!
    Love and kisses from Spain

  5. I'm a 55-year-old straight white woman from New York City and I think that you are bold, beautiful, powerful and very wise for your age. I enjoyed reading your blog and pray that the anti-gay bigotry in Uganda is driven out and sanity and fairness prevail.

    I fully support the struggle for equality and respect in Uganda and around the world.

    If there is ever a Gay Pride Parade in Kampala, I would love to attend, just as I attend the NYC Gay Pride Parade every June in NYC to see tens of thousands of proud lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals who hail from every walk of life and every country on the planet. It is always a joyous day.

    I hope that the days for LGBT Ugandans will turn more joyous with each passing year until you and all of my LGBT friends obtain the same rights and the full human dignity that all men and woman have as a birthright.

  6. guys/babes; i know its tough representing and being part of a minority group. it takes time for society to accept changes, so u should be patient just as well that people in Africa don't understand this rights movement.

    i urge you to Concentrate on yr professional life and hobbies whilst associating with other members of public; that way we will look at yr cause from another angle and soon get used to understanding yr civil rights..

  7. Guyz lets gain our sanity back, we hate all this riduculuos talk from whites, we as Africans dont support Gayz. dont push all the r***sh u have to us. even the Bible is against your gay acts. let Africa live in peace. We a behind the Rolling Stone. Pliz most of yo phrazes here are abusive we dont lyk that at all

  8. Anonymous, with all due respect, what is "r***sh"???